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◦ BODICURRENT® is our signature treatment using proprietary microcurrent frequencies specifically sequenced for making YOUR body more beautiful.

◦ BODICURRENT® Treatments are a safe effective alternative to more aggressive medical procedures such as liposuction, heating, or freezing the fat cells. 

◦ Our treatments are painless, non invasive and completely holistic.

◦ We use the FDA CLEARED, OS2911 Body device. 

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Electric Frequencies are the NEW way to enhance the Beauty of the Body

How Does BODICURRENT® Treatment Work?

◦ Our Body Is Electric 

◦ BODICURRENT® uses Microcurrent Frequencies specifically designed for the body

◦ Our cells are specialized to conduct electrical currents

◦ Electricity is required for the nervous system to send signals throughout the body and to the brain, making it possible for us to move, think, and feel

◦ BODICURRENT® uses a low-level electrical current that is nearly identical to the body’s own natural electrical frequencies


◦ BODICURRENT® uses microcurrent which increases ATP production by up to 500%

◦ Benefits of increased ATP are collagen and elastin necessary for youthful skin

◦ BODICURRENT® treatments using microcurrent increase stamina, endurance, and strength and can be used for building muscle and tone of the body

◦ Building muscle strengthens your metabolism which is helpful in maintaining and achieving a healthy weight. 

◦ The positive effects of BODICURRENT® Treatments are seen in the face and body.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Find a Bodicurrent™ Treatment near you

Step 1 - Book a try me session!
Sometimes you just need to try one first! Feeling and seeing is believing. You can book a single session, have all your questions answered and get recommendations for your body goals all in one trial session. Your professional will take your before photos, listen to your concerns and recommend a program that is right for your body goals. Choose from a 2 week jump start program, one month or two month series.

Step 2- Prepare for success!
Drink 4-6 glasses of water finishing the last glass at least one hour prior to treatment. We are using a low electrical current nearly identical to the body's own electrical frequency. Electricity travels freely and quickly through water. Hydration is imperative to the success of your treatment. Electrical current cannot travel without water. The more hydrated you are, the more success you will have with your treatment.

Step 3 - Enjoy your treatment!
Medical grade pads will be placed on the body in the areas of concern. We are able to treat the abs, buttocks, inner and outer thighs as will as the quads and hamstrings. Your professional can customize a series of treatments that can address all of the areas in one effective session. You will feel a slight tingling sensation. The treatments are painless, holistic and completely safe for healthy individuals.

NO DOWNTIME! You can exercise immediately or return to work immediately after a treatment! In fact, exercising after a treatment is encouraged as a way to amplify the effects. The circulation created during a treatment encourages the body to release toxins. Movement such as a 15-30 minute walk, vibration therapy, infrared therapy or even cryotherapy is highly encouraged and can amplify your results. Bodicurrent™ treatments do not replace exercise! Use Bodicurrent™ treatments to enhance the beauty of the body and amplify your healthy choices.

Book your series

To see results, we recommend scheduling a one month or two month series depending on personal goals. Treatments are one hour long and scheduled 2-3 times per week until your goal is reached.

Bodicurrent™ is the name of our proprietary body service which uses microcurrent. Our treatments are completely holistic, non-invasive, require no downtime and can be performed regularly to support body beautifuication.

"I love love love this experience. My neck and shoulders are constantly tight and sometimes the pain runs down my arms. I felt like there were many fingers working on my "hot" spots. Once I started relaxing and letting myself enjoy the process, it became even more pleasurable. I liked the gradual intensity and felt I might go higher next time. Thank you for letting me try this. I feel loose, calm, and I just feel good!"
- Rhonda

During a Bodicurrent™ signature treatment you may experience involuntary muscle contractions depending on the intensity your provider uses. This can also be performed where there is no contraction at all. You may also see redness on the skin once the pads are removed. This is totally normal due to the increased circulation in the area and generally goes away within 30 minutes. This increased circulation is another advantage of these treatments. Circulation has many health benefits which include increased organ function and toxic waste removal from the body. It is also believed that increased circulation can help with cellulite reduction, which is why we love these treatments on areas like the legs and buttocks. Actual results over a 6-8 week period of time. Results may vary depending on age, lifestyle, health, and other factors.

Sessions usually last 30-45 minutes and are performed twice weekly, for one to two months, or until desired results are achieved. The treatment is pain free, non-invasive, and completely holistic. Another advantage of these treatments is you may repeat them over and over without any harm to the body. In fact, we recommend that you consider BodicurrentTM signature treatments at least once a month as part of your age-reversal routine. The key benefits of microcurrent are to boost collagen and elastin production and increase ATP production which can benefit every cell in the body. Microcurrent, in published studies, has been shown to increase ATP production in the body by up to 500% and is a vital component to a youthful regimen.

2- 3 times a week until the desired result is achieved. (Refer to the "How do I start the process?")

We recommend healthy lifestyle changes. These treatments do not replace exercise or healthy food choices. Pairing these treatments with a nutritionist or lifestyle expert will greatly enhance your results.

Not recommended. Over the years we have found that the most successful clients avoid alcohol until results are achieved. Alcohol can greatly slow or even hinder your results. Once the goal is achieved moderation is suggested.

The answer is no. Remember we always have two enemies working against us which are aging and gravity.

Nothing is permanent, but we feel you can certainly impact the look of the skin and body. Think of it as going to the gym. It takes commitment, several times a week, to build muscle and make lasting change in the body. Then, once you achieve your goal, you must do regular care and maintenance. It’s no different with these modalities. Even plastic surgery is not permanent, as long as we age and have gravity in the world. Depending on lifestyle and health habits, microcurrent treatments are suggested every 4 - 6 weeks for maintenance once a series is completed and your goal is achieved.

Smoking, alcohol consumption, lifestyle and your age can alter this recommendation. Your professional will know how to recommend the proper Bodicurrent™ treatments for your specific goals and needs.

"This was the most amazing treatment I have ever experienced. I was there for a one-session demonstration and wow! Blown away!! The transformation I felt was instant! The coolest and most shocking thing I have ever experienced! I noticed a difference in my core strength immediately. I can’t wait to have more sessions!”
-Tim S. Poma, California

Bodicurrent™ are not a replacement for exercise but rather a compliment for a more beautiful looking body.

Healthy individuals who are wanting to increase ATP, stamina, endurance and physical beauty of the skin and body.

Treatment may not be appropriate for those with:
*contraindications include but are not limited to*

● Pacemaker
● Epilepsy
● History of Seizures
● Metal Plates
● Pins in the Area of Treatment
● Diabetes ​(ok with physicians approval)
● Cancer ​(ok with physicians approval)
● Recent Surgery
● Blood Clots or a History of Blood Clots
● PAD or Any Symptoms of Poor Circulation
● Phlebitis/Thrombosis
● Spine Problems
● Pregnancy
● Recent Childbirth
● Any other medical problem that should require a physician's approval letter.
● Do not use to treat muscular pain, atrophy, multiple sclerosis, etc. unless you are a licensed physician.

Check our treatment locator to find out.

If you have had a medical procedure you may not be able to repeat that procedure over and over. Bodicurrent™ signature treatments can be used as an effective compliment to support your body.

Fat has always been portrayed as an ugly substance to get rid of. Fat is not the enemy!

Studies reveal that fat cells are essential to the body. Hormones, stem cells, and valuable nutrients are stored in the fat cells. Removing fat can affect the hormones and create uneven results in some patients. Bodicurrent™ treatments can be performed over and over without any harm to the body or the cells in healthy individuals. Bodicurrent treatments can be used to support your body and used as ongoing maintenance.

Maintain your Confidence!
You would never go to the gym for a month or have facials for a month and expect to look great forever! We always have two enemies working against us. Gravity and aging.

Consistency is the key to success! Health and wellness is earned by the daily and weekly choices we make. Once you achieve your desired outcome we encourage once or twice a month treatments to maintain your look. Ask your professional about monthly specials available after your series is completed!

Mitochondria are responsible for this process. Mitochondria are organelles that float freely within the cell. Some cells have thousands of Mitochondria, and some have none. Muscle cells need more mitochondria, whereas the neurons (cells that transmit nerve impulses), don’t need as many.

The mitochondria act like a digestive system, which takes in nutrients, breaks them down, and creates energy-rich molecules for the cell. The biochemical processes of the cell are known as cellular respiration.

The energy that the Mitochondria produce is called Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).

ATP is often referred to as the “energy of life.” Every cell, every bodily function-- from the brain, to your heartbeat, to movement, digestion, regeneration of the skin and cells --every function of life in your body runs on the fuel called ATP. You can survive without food for around 20- 30 days, before bodily functions begin to shut down. You can survive without water for around 6 days, but you can only survive without ATP for 6 seconds. Without it, you die.

As you age, you produce less of it. As illness occurs, it declines. Microcurrent has been proven to increase ATP or adenosine triphosphate by up to 500%, helping you make energy more quickly and stimulating tissue and cellular repair. Our Proprietary Bodicurrent™ Treatments use microcurrent frequencies. Our trained professionals customize a program specifically for your needs and goals.

It’s important to note that the body is electric. Microcurrent therapy sends low-level electrical currents into your skin that are nearly identical to the body’s own natural electrical frequencies.

Running current over your body adds more electrons to your system, stimulating your body to repair more quickly and increases cellular health.

A microcurrent device delivers a subsensory micro amperage current that is 1000 times less than the milliamperage current used in a TENS device. Microcurrent treatments are painless and require no down time which make them an ideal treatment for clients who wish to have holistic, non-invasive, yet effective body treatments. Our Bodicurrent™ signature treatment utilizes microcurrent in a specific sequence. We design a program to create maximum results for the beautiful, confident body you’ve been waiting for!

You may be familiar with a TENS unit as it is frequently used by a chiropractor to relieve pain. Now there are even TENS units you can purchase for home use. When using a TENS unit, you will experience a slight buzzing sensation. This is quite similar to the feeling produced by Microcurrent but with extremely different results. A TENS unit uses a milliamp of electrical current and targets the sensory receptors, sending a signal to block pain messages that are trying to reach the brain. This makes it a very effective tool for chiropractic use to help prepare the body for an adjustment.

A microcurrent device delivers a subsensory micro amperage current that is 1000 times less than the milliamperage current used in a TENS device. The key benefit of a TENS unit is blocking pain.

The key benefits of microcurrent are to boost collagen and elastin production and increase ATP production which can benefit every cell in the body. Microcurrent, in published studies, has been shown to increase ATP production in the body by up to 500% and is a vital component to a youthful regimen.

The interest in electrical frequencies and microcurrent are popular in the esthetics industry, as well with many celebrities touting the effects of using low electrical current on the skin. With such stellar results as increased ATP production, increased collagen and elastin, and muscle strength resulting in improved tone and tightness of the skin it ’ s no wonder why it has gained such a notable following. Increased ATP is one of the most notable benefits of using this modality.