Dear Tribe,

I created this I AM CENTERED ritual for you to claim your inner peace, a knowingness that you are taken care of and in extreme favor. No obstacle too high, no valley too low, YOU are covered by a higher power.

Speak this ritual as needed and take your I AM CENTERED supplement daily (order here) to feel your inner calm and find your center.

Love, Char

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"The Goddess does not rule the world; She is the world."
- Marianne Williamson

Healing Ritual

I am centered
I feel a calm that surpasses all understanding
I am protected

I can feel the protection of a higher power
all around me
My days are filled with favor
My nights are filled with sweet slumber

I lay my head on my pillow
All my cares float away
I fall deeply asleep
For I am at total peace

My footsteps are guided
And Every action I take is blessed
To the highest vibration
Everywhere I go Doors open up for me

I am in favor
I am in so much favor

People just come from all over to bring me business
People come to offer me help
And they cant even explain why
It just is

They are drawn to me
I am a magnet for goodness in my life
Because I am in extreme favor

I have the faith to take the plunge
Because I have an inner knowingness
That everything is ok
It's more than ok

If help is needed
I have an army of support
Ready to surround me with answers,
help and solutions

Obstacles are normal
Just part of the process
When they come my way
I easily and quickly work through them
Or I engage my army of support

My life is fantastic
Everything I ever wanted
Is here
For my taking

In Abundance
I receive it now
I have smile on my face
A spring in my step
I have joy in my heart

Everywhere I go I am surrounded by love, peace, joy and abundance
I am blessed
I am in favor

I am totally relaxed
Totally calm
Totally centered

This soothing reality is now mine
I am calm
I am at ease
I am in favor

I am centered

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