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Youthful Skin Doesn’t Stop At The Neck

Just as facials make a difference in the youthful look of the face 

BODICURRENT® can make a difference in the beauty of the body 

I Want To Look Young Forever!

So I created a device that can make you look & feel sexier and more beautiful from head to toe !

Love, Char

Have you noticed that diet and exercise just isn’t enough at a certain age?

Sometimes even plastic surgery isn’t the answer. Skin textures and tones change as we age.

BODICURRENT® makes the body beautiful.

It will become the beauty secret you never want to be without!

*Red marks in after photos are where the pads were placed for treatment indicating increased circulation to the area. Redness will fade in about 30 minutes.

Fall In Love With Your Body
Dare To Be Seen

Beauty secret of celebrities
and those in the know!

We Specialize In
The Beauty Of The Body!

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- Char Fontanills

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