Here we go.
Holiday season already?!!
What the heck?!!!!

I’m glad the year is almost over, but how did it go by so fast?!
2020 seems like a blur of change, challenges, craziness.

November is the month for gratitude.
The consistent things we are grateful for at Thanksgiving are
and health.

That’s all valid and obviously a blessing….
But how about a different toast at the thanksgiving table this year?

A toast to YOU.
A big dose of gratitude for YOU. 

YOU have hung in there.

YOU have pivoted, prepared, planned, adjusted.
YOU have kept your attitude positive, and even through the challenges, YOU have gone way over above-and-beyond what you thought you could do.
YOU accommodated, adjusted, and maneuvered.
YOU have pinched pennies, budgeted, added, and eliminated.
YOU have done whatever it took to be resilient this year.

Nope, this year has been anything but normal.
However this year YOU have discovered what YOU are made of.
This year YOU have discovered that though winds may blow and the challenges may come, YOU have faced them head on and not only made it through….

Here’s to YOU this season! 

When stating what you are grateful for as we go around the thanksgiving table, don’t forget to raise a glass to YOURSELF. Go ahead and give yourself credit, give yourself praise and be grateful for
YOUR tenacity,
YOUR resilience and
the blessing of YOU.

Holiday pressures?

Crazy family members?

Out of control stress?    

Out of control cravings?

Tempted at by all the holiday goodies??
Make sure your body is burning fat for fuel instead of conserving fat !!!

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1) Get Rid Of The Critic

You know, the one who sits on your shoulder and whispers in your ear, “You are gonna do what?!!! Who do you think you are? You aren’t pretty enough. You are too fat. You’re too old to wear that. Your belly pokes out. Your legs are crinkly. You should cover up at your age.” Send the critic packing!!! Knock the crap out of that voice.

Have you ever looked at a photo from 5 or 10 years ago?

You likely think, "Wow, I looked good back then!!! I looked hot in that swimsuit!" 

Yet, back then, you may have been like me and thought you looked too fat, too skinny, too whatever!!!!
I found myself wishing that I would have strutted more!
I wish I would have realized how awesome I looked!!
Has this ever happened to you?!!

Guess what?!!
You look great NOW!!!

Pull out that outfit in your closet that makes you feel like a million bucks!!


10 years from now you will look at that photo and think, wow!! I did look amazing. Isn't it crazy the way the “critic” nitpicks our every flaw and plays with our confidence???
It simply isn’t true!!! 

Out of control cravings?

Tempted by holiday goodies??

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burning fat for fuel
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At Confidence by Char we believe in the power of “i am”.

My gift to you this month is the following script of powerful affirmations to honor YOU!

This month’s affirmations:

I am blessed.
I am blessed beyond measure.
Every need I have is fulfilled
Every desire I wish for
comes to me
with speed and accuracy
& exceeds my expectations.

Everything is possible in my life.

I am in favor.
I am like a magnet,
attracting blessings into my life.
Wherever I go, 
goodness follows me.
The blessings I receive
are shaken down, pressed together and running over.
I can’t possibly contain them all,  
so I enthusiastically go out and bless others. 

I am resourceful.
I am soooo resourceful.

I am nimble,
I make wise decisions.
I am able to pivot,
& provide.

I can count on myself 
because I am amazing.

The obstacles will be there
as part of my future story, 
but I always find a way over, through, or around.

I close my eyes
& the answer appears. 
It always appears.
A door is open for me.
It's always open for me.
All I have to do
is step through 
with faith.

So I choose today
to step through,
& around
 to receive my abundance.

I am grateful.
I am blessed.
I am wise.
I am resourceful.
I am magnetic.
I am in favor.
I am in extreme favor.

Abundance is mine.

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