Have you been wondering:
How can I have a joyful holiday with all these restrictions?
How do I do it without spending a lot of money?
How can I connect on a deeper level even if I can’t physically be with my loved ones or friends in person?

Restrictions have changed my life but I won’t allow them to make my life less joyful, full, impactful, or meaningful.

I won't allow it.

I am not a victim and although restrictions are keeping me from physically seeing my friends, I won't be stopped.
I will think of alternative ways to find joy.
I will be creative.
I will leave an impact on my loved ones despite the circumstances.

Restrictions can't stop the flow of my love, in fact,
I will use these restrictions to make my connections even stronger.

They say that people who are visually impaired rely on other senses to interpret their surroundings. Someone who loses vision can develop an almost superhuman ability to hear. Someone who loses hearing often develops a stronger vision. It's a phenomenon of how the brain seems to rewire and accommodate for that lost sense.

I am encouraging you to develop YOUR superhuman power.

If we aren't able to touch or hug or even see someone's face, is it possible to develop an ability to make an impact in another way? Perhaps with our words? Or even handwritten letters that can be read over and over and be spoken or written in a way that moves someone's emotions and makes them truly feel a deeper connection with us despite the distance?

I think we can

With the power of our words

Crafted with a deeper connection in mind

When you tell someone you love them we usually say, “I love you” and that's the end. I challenge you to take that further. After every “I love you” continue with, I love you because….. Give explicit details of each reason you love them, the why of what they mean to you, or the why of what they did that impacted you and your life. Be overflowing with praise and specific characteristics they have or specific things they have done for you.

Sometimes we stop short and leave our loved one feeling half full when we have the potential to fill them to the brim. Giving them so much love that it overflows and satisfies them more than any present ever could.

In this time of distance, we have the chance to use our WORDS to fill someone up rather than empty gifts.

Distance doesn’t have to mean disconnection. We can connect to our loved ones, ONE on ONE. No one else there to distract, just our words straight from our heart to theirs. We can connect deeper than ever before if we chose to find a way.

Here is an example of what I am talking about:

You can say, “Mom, I love you. Thank you for all you've done for me. Merry Christmas”
“Mom, I love you because you’ve loved me unconditionally. When I failed you, you encouraged me, you lifted me up and spoke words of belief to me. You made me feel hopeful again. You never stopped believing in me. Because of your faith and constant words of encouragement, I had the courage to continue working towards my dreams. I am successful in my business and I have a beautiful family because of your patience, love, and guidance. I appreciate you and I love you so much. My gift this Christmas is your love. I am the luckiest daughter in the world.”

My ONE idea for you to share this Christmas that can make a lasting impact is a handwritten letter or spoken words of love or gratitude. 

Here are the steps to writing or speaking heartfelt words that make a lasting impact:


Look them straight in the eyes if delivering spoken word (in person or on zoom). If you are writing the letter, choose beautiful stationery and follow up after they receive your letter with a heartfelt phone call. 


Tell specific reasons why you appreciate and love them. Give at least three reasons. Be generous with your love.


Talk about a memory of the past that you shared together that impacted you or your family that stands out in your mind.


Tell them how they made you feel and how this impacted you.


End with praise, love, or appreciation once again.

Remember if you are too shy to speak these words to your loved one, then write them!!! The value of a handwritten letter is that they can read it over and over. Never underestimate the power of written words.

Try this and I promise it will enhance and strengthen your relationships.

May you have the courage to deepen your relationships despite the obstacles. Use this time to speak love into your family in a deeper way than you ever thought possible.

Repeat the following powerful affirmations this month to honor your relationships:

 I am a gift.
A gift to everyone who is in my life

I am joyful,
Filled with laughter and zest for life.
I create a life that is filled to the brim and overflowing
With abundance, peace, and satisfaction.
My laughter is a full-body experience.
From the depths of my belly,
Joy just overflows.
I get giddy just thinking of all the blessings in my life.
When I laugh out loud it reaches into the hearts of everyone around me.
Its infectious laughter brings so much joy.

I am happy.
And the happier I get,
The more happiness comes into my life.
I look forward to the day.
Every day brings new experiences that I never had before,
and will never be duplicated again.
So I live in the moment.
I am present-
Drinking up every sip of life that I can devour.
Life is so full.
Life is so good.

This holiday season I feel better than I ever have.
My connections are stronger.
My family is closer,
Because we have connected through spoken and written words that fill the heart.
When one window is closed,
Two open for me.
That's just how things happen for me.
When one thing is taken away,
Two amazing gifts appear.

I am in favor.
I am in soooo much favor.
I am joyful,
And I am blessed.

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