& Collagen!?

Yes please. 

This fall, indulge with a tasty cup of confidence. Adding a scoop of our "i am youthful" Advanced Performance Collagen turns any cocktail into a beauty regimen. Abstaining from alcohol? We've included our favorite mocktails just for you! 

Try our top 4 favorite cocktail and mocktail recipes:

"i am refreshed" cocktail

-1/4 scoop of "i am youthful" 
-4 cucumber slices (muddled)
-2 oz tequila
-1 oz blanc vermouth
-1 oz lime juice
-1/2 honey syrup (1/2 water 1/2 honey)

"i am cleansed" mocktail

-1/4 scoop of "i am youthful"
-1/2 tsp fermented chili peppers
-1 oz lemon juice
-sparkling water
-4 drops of palisade peach bitters
-Sweetened to taste with  monkfruit

"i am bright and youthful" cocktail

-1/4 scoop of "i am youthful"
-1 oz yellow chartreuse
-1 oz aperol
-1 oz mezcal tequila
-1 oz fresh lime juice

"i am vibrant" mocktail

-1/4 scoop of "i am youthful"
-1.5 oz rosemary simple syrup
-2 oz grapefruit juice
-4 oz sparkling water

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