Confidence by Char - March 01 2021

Capsaicin: Fire Up Your Metabolism

Spring has spring, and with it, the yearning to make up for all the fun activities we missed out on during the pandemic. For those of us who didn't jump on the Peloton train, our body goals may have taken a back seat so that we could focus the minimal energy we had on more important things (like binging Bridgerton for example).

If that sounds like you, capsaicin might be just the motivation you need to jump headfirst into your exercise goals by lighting a fire under your metabolism.     

First of all... what is capsaicin?

Capsaicin (also called Capsicum Fruit Extract) is the active part of red peppers responsible for that spicy taste. The hotter the pepper, the more capsaicin it has in it. Studies have shown that capsaicin has many health benefits and may support your body in firing up your metabolism!

The benefits of capsaicin:

Capsaicin activates the sympathetic nervous system that is associated with thermogenesis, which speeds up the body’s oxidation of fat. It may increase the body’s ability to burn excess fat and break it down into energy when paired with exercise.

Capsaicin may accelerate the metabolism and increase resting energy expenditure by 6%, which equals about 100 calories a day.  Capsaicin also promotes lipolysis (the breakdown of fats) and supports the mobilization of fats for energy production. 

In some studies, capsaicin has even been shown to decrease appetite and promote satiety which is critical to reducing caloric intake while dieting.

How to harness the powers of Capsaicin:

Confidence by Char's "i am confident" Weight & Metabolism Support  uses a unique form of Capsicum Fruit Extract that harnesses the power of hot peppers without the burn, and has proven studies to back up its effectiveness in supporting a healthy and thriving metabolism!

Wait, hold up- what burn?! Taking capsaicin can cause a burning sensation similar to heartburn. The effects of this can be very unpleasant and can cause many to stop taking the supplement. Confidence by Char uses a form of capsaicin that does not produce the unpleasant burning sensation but yields all the positive results you would want.

Not only does "i am confident" Weight & Metabolism Support use a highly digestible and burn-free form of capsaicin,  but it's proprietary blend features powerful, high-quality ingredients specially designed to boost your metabolism and support your body's ability to turn fat into energy. 

No matter what your body goals are, capsaicin may be the support your body needs to energize your body and fire up your metabolism. 

We recommend taking the “i am confident” Weight & Metabolism Support about one hour before exercising. Focus on exercises that build lean muscle, which further burns fat. For a powerful combination, schedule regular Bodicurrent™ treatments to supplement your regular exercise routine and support ATP production in the body.

"i am confident"
"i am confident"
"i am confident"

"i am confident"

  • Patented ingredient Capsimax has been shown to boost REE (resting energy expenditure)
  • Supports healthy WEIGHT MANAGEMENT.
  • Helps control appetite.
  • Supports the mobilization of fats for energy production.
  • Supports metabolic health.
  • Contains no harsh stimulants.
  • Contains antioxidants that may protect against cellular damage and may reduce inflammation in the body.
  Amount Per Serving %DV

CbC Proprietary blend

1150 mg + African Mango powder, Juniper Berry Extract 4:1, Dandelion Root P.E 4:1, White Kidney Bean Extract, 2% Phaseolamin, Olive Leaf Extract, 14% Oleuropein, Raspberry Ketones, Green Tea Extract, 98% Polyphenols, 50% EGCG, Evodia Fruit Extract, 5% Evodiamine, Bioperine ®

1150 mg

Green Coffee

600 mg
Capsimax® (capsicum fruit extract) (standardized to 2% capsaicinoids) 50 mg

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