Zoom I AM CENTERED® affirmation ritual

I AM CENTERED® affirmation ritual


10 minutes of blissful stress relief.

Feel the tension, defeat, and worry melt away as Char guides you through spoken affirmations set to the solfeggio sound frequency of 528 Hz for DNA and cellular repair.

Lowering stress in the mind can affect cortisol levels and can lower inflammation in the body. At Confidence by Char, we believe in the power of the spoken word.

How to use:

To reprogram the subconscious, listen to this audio every night right before sleep.

Consider beginning your day with this audio as well or right before a stressful event or when you are feeling worry or anxiety.

Pair this powerful audio with our “i am centered”® stress support supplement and feel the weight of the world float away.  

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I AM CENTERED® affirmation ritual