Cool September temperatures bring cool treatments you can celebrate.

Have you seen those commercials enticing you to FREEZE your fat until it shrivels up and dies?!!!

Everybody wants you to think ridding your body of valuable fat cells is a smart move. DIE FAT DIE!

Well, I’m here to give you a new perspective! One you can celebrate!!

KEEP YOUR FAT! It's a good thing!

This is music to my ears.

I get to keep my fat!!!  

Consider these facts from “The Secret Life of Fat” by Dr. Sylvia Tara:

Fat is an organ.

It houses your stem cells, receptors that balance hormone production, other hormones like ghrelin (which regulates your appetite), fibroblasts (which hold the skin taut), collagen, elastin, nerves, and blood supply all run through fat.

I challenge you to think through this information:

Does KILLING fat confuse your body?
Mess with your hormones?
Disrupt the skin's integrity?
Damage valuable stem cells, fibroblasts, collagen, or elastin?

What do you think happens to hormones when you
destroy fat?

(*If you think fat doesn't affect hormones, think again.
If a woman has too little fat in her body, it can even affect her ability to get pregnant.)

When you destroy fat, that particular fat cell is gone for good. 

However, the body is masterful, and studies reveal that the fat cells usually come back in other areas of your body!


Fat cells have receptors that are like ears on the cell surface that pick up incoming messages from the body.

They are part of a two-way communication path whereby fat talks to the body (by emitting hormones such as leptin and adiponectin) and the body talks back to fat by sending hormones. 

Your Fat Can Talk AND Listen- and apparently it has a lot to say!

So what's a girl to do??? What if I have already had a fat removal procedure?

I just wanna wear my
skinny jeans!

1- Consider MANAGING your fat instead of killing or removing it.

Our trained professionals can use the Bodicurrent method to help boost your confidence and support your efforts!!! Once you see your body looking better you will be inspired to continue your journey!!

Check out these inspirational before and after photos:

The Bodicurrent method has results you can see!

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Already had a fat killing procedure? Don't despair! Your body is masterful at rebuilding and recovering. Consider holistic alternatives going forward and manage your fat instead of destroying it starting today!

2- Find a professional. 

Sometimes you can't do it alone. And you don't have to!

Engage a nutritionist, a health coach, someone to guide you through and keep you on track. Don’t have the money to hire a person? There are some great books with very healthy eating suggestions. Check out Whole 30, Wildfit, and consider exploring Paleo and Keto options.

Click here to find a professional near you!

3- Buddy up!

Friends make it all better. It’s fun to have a buddy AND it keeps you accountable!! Find a friend and get healthy together

4- Find an activity you love!!!

Get moving!

Whether you're biking, hiking, practicing yoga, or doing another kind of movement, find what you like and do it every day.

Health is a lifestyle and your body is worth it.

5- Add supplements to light the fire!!!

Studies reveal that hot spices can support your metabolism. One of my favorite ingredients is capsicum. It is found is our flagship product "i am confident" fat burner/metabolism support supplement.

Many of us can not tolerate hot peppers. It can cause a burning sensation like heart burn. Fortunately, we use a form of capsicum that does not burn at all!!! You won’t feel a thing! No harsh stimulants, no burn, just powerful ingredients to support fat burning and metabolism

See your beauty professional or click here for more supplement info.

6- Tame the lion- CORTISOL!

Did you know that when you are stressed your body releases cortisol?

Cortisol can cause the body to hold onto fat despite your diet and exercise efforts!!!

Low glutathione levels can also cause your body to store more body fat.

Too much estrogen can affect body fat as well!

A lack of sleep can sabotage even your best efforts at weight loss!!
Don't know what to do? We've got you covered with "i am centered"! 

Our “i am centered" stress and hormone support supplement contains the most powerful combination of Ashwagandha, Glutathione, DIM, and other ingredients in our proprietary blend.

Ashwagandha has been shown to be effective in counteracting the negative effects of stress. Studies on animals and isolated neuronal cells have revealed that adaptogens such as Ashwagandha exhibit neuroprotective, anti-fatigue, anti-depressive, anxiolytic, nootropic, and CNS (central nervous system) stimulating activity.

Add meditation to your life. The effects of calming your body and mind have powerful effects on your health.

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